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 Pure Elegance     Salon & Spa

Veteran Owned

     Welcome to Pure Elegance Salon & Spa where our priority is cultivating an atmosphere of beauty and peace while pampering our guests. We work diligently in creating the perfect atmosphere that allows our guests to relax and let their hair down. Everything from the right welcoming color schemes, adjustable shampoo bowls and Shiatsu massaging pedicure chairs.  Our team of skilled professional stylist are equipped to provide styles that embrace the diversity of our customers.  Here at Pure  Elegance Salon & Spa we believe that hair and nail care should be tailored to the individual needs of our customers. As a result of this we are proud to offer a wide range of services, such as, haircutting, colors, natural styling, weaves, braids, nail enhancements, manicures and more.  We will also be adding massage therapy to our collection of services next summer.

     We are a veteran owned business that strives to be as diverse as our guests.  Pure Elegance Salon & Spa is an upscale full service, licensed, salon devoted to ensuring that we provide the highest quality in services. We were founded by Keisha Lisle in February of 2013.  Pure Elegance was created with the intention of providing a place allowing our guest to escape the stressors and the busyness of life, even for just a moment.  The atmosphere has been cultivated to produce tranquility and relaxation.  Our team is dedicated to providing a spot for “Beauty & Peace” while offering quality services at affordable prices.